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3 Benefits Of Getting A Hearing Assessment

3 Benefits Of Getting A Hearing Assessment | Moor Hearing | Plymouth Hearing Tests | UK Hearing Testing

Hearing loss is a common issue in the UK, with an estimated 1.2 million people experiencing significant hearing loss. This condition can affect almost every aspect of daily life, making hearing assessments crucial. At Moor Hearing, we offer professional hearing assessments to get a better understanding of your hearing health. We offer hearing consultations, either in our practice or in your own home.

In this latest blog update, we will be exploring 3 benefits of our hearing assessments and why you should consider contacting us for a hearing assessment.

Personalised Consultation and Assessment

At Moor Hearing, we begin with a detailed conversation about your hearing experiences. This helps us understand where and when you have difficulty hearing and what aspects of your hearing can be improved. This personalised approach ensures that the solutions we propose are tailored to your individual needs. We offer both clinic and at-home assessments, using state-of-the-art equipment like the Aurical system and KuduWave for accurate results even in noisy environments​​​​.

Understanding Your Hearing Health

Through a comprehensive hearing assessment, we examine your outer ear and eardrum. Our assessments adhere to BSA standards and are designed to provide a clear understanding of your hearing health. You’ll receive detailed explanations about your hearing level, ranging from normal to severe/profound loss, and the specific type of loss you may have. This thorough evaluation is essential for making informed decisions about your hearing care​​.

Customised Solution and Support

Following the assessment, we provide personalised recommendations based on the areas where your hearing impacts your life. Our focus is to find a hearing aid that not only meets your hearing needs but also fits your style, comfort, and budget preferences. As independent specialists, we provide solutions from various manufacturers, prioritising what is best for you​​. You can rely on the professionals at Moor Hearing to recommend the perfect hearing aids for your needs and lifestyle.

Get Started With Moor Hearing

A hearing assessment is more than just a hearing test. It’s the first step towards improved hearing health and quality of life. At Moor Hearing, we understand the importance of this journey and are committed to providing the support and care you need every step of the way. There is no better team to rely on for your hearing health needs than our independent hearing health experts at Moor Hearing.

Take the first step towards better hearing and schedule your appointment with Moor Hearing today. Get started on our website. You can also visit our website if you would like to learn more about our hearing assessment services. Alternatively, try our online hearing screener in the comfort of your own home.

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