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Hearing Assessments

Are you concerned about your hearing?
You aren’t alone.

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According to the Royal National Institute for the Deaf (RNID), “an estimated 1.2 million people in the UK have hearing loss greater than 65 dBHL”. Hearing loss is a condition that can impact virtually every aspect of your everyday life.

How can you tell if you are suffering from hearing loss? The only way to be sure is with a hearing test.

Moor Hearing offer free hearing consultations, either in our practice or in your own home.

What happens during your hearing test?

Moor Hearing | Ear Wax Removal Plymouth | Hearing Aids Plymouth

If you come and see us in our practice we will test your hearing in our soundproof booth. If you’d prefer an at-home assessment, we use the noise-cancelling KuduWave (more about this below).

This is how a Moor Hearing Assessment works:


We have a chat about your hearing

We’ll ask you about where and when you are struggling to hear, and where you can hear well. We’ll want to know what’s important to you and what can be improved. This will help us to identify the best solution for your individual needs.


Your hearing assessment

At the clinic:

After covering a few medical questions, we’ll examine your outer ear and ear drum. We’ll even show you this on our Video Otoscope, so you can see it for yourself!

We will test your hearing, to BSA standards, using the Aurical system within our soundproof booth.

If there are reasons not to do this, such as a wax blockage, we’ll let you know and talk about ear wax removal or other appropriate options.


Hearing tests at home

For home assessments we use KuduWave. KuduWave is the gold standard in home hearing testing that uses a mix of ear inserts and noise cancelling headphones. KuduWave offers the highest accuracy even in the presence of background noise.


We'll explain your results

We’ll go through the results of your hearing assessment with you in detail, explaining what your results mean and how they relate to the issues we discussed at the beginning of your hearing evaluation.

We’ll explain how your hearing compares to normal hearing with results usually falling between acceptable, mild, moderate or severe/profound. If appropriate, we’ll also discuss the type of loss present and the most common issues arising from this.


We'll share our recommendations

After discovering the areas your hearing is causing you problems, and with the results of your hearing assessment, we can advise you on potential solutions available to you.

We want to help you find a hearing aid that meets your needs and you will be happy to wear.

It is important that you are 100% happy with the technology, but also the style, comfort and cost of the devices. That’s why we give you 60 days to trial your new hearing aids, and if, for whatever reason, you want to change them we are happy to do so.

Online Hearing Screener

Test your own hearing

Moor Hearing | Ear Wax Removal Plymouth | Hearing Aids Plymouth

Wouldn’t it be handy if you could test your own hearing? Our 3-minute Hearing Screener allows you to take a basic hearing check from home. It works best with a good pair of headphones and a quiet room. The Hearing Screener will test you at 3 frequencies, measuring the difference (if any) between these sounds.

If you require hearing aids we’ll help you to find the right hearing aid solution for your hearing needs, regardless of the brand or manufacturer. As independent hearing specialists, we are not tied to any particular hearing aid manufacturer, and instead, we focus on finding what is right for you.

Why bother with the Hearing Screener?

The Hearing Screener isn’t a replacement for a professional hearing assessment. The results will give you an idea of whether your hearing is within normal range, if there is a mild issue or maybe something more significant. There will also be lifestyle questions to help build a picture of your hearing and whether you should book a full hearing test and a more detailed evaluation.

If you aren’t sure whether you need a professional hearing test or have been putting it off, this easy-to-take-home test might help.

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What people say about their
Moor Hearing care experience

What people say about their Moor Hearing care experience

Moor Hearing | Ear Wax Removal Plymouth | Hearing Aids Plymouth
Moor Hearing | Hearing Aids Near Me | Plymouth Hearing Aids
Moor Hearing | Hearing Aids Plymouth

“I had a home visit in Cornwall. Peter was, as always, on time extremely pleasant and helpful. He took time to set up and fit my new hearing aids. He explained all about them, how to fit them, maintain them and clean them. At no time did I feel pressured or rushed. The service is excellent.”

Adrian Short

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