t: Tavistock: 01822 452021   |   t Plymouth: 01752 936305

t: Tavistock: 01822 452021
Plymouth: 01752 936305

Gold Price List

For busy lifestyles



Price Per Pair


Lumity L70R/Life R



Virto P70 312/Titanium



Moment Sheer 330R


GN Resound

Omnia 7



More 2/Own 2



Evolv AI 2000R


If you cannot see the hearing aid listed below that you want please contact us here and we will get back to you.
Single hearing aid prices on request here.
Phonak waterproof ‘Life’ variants please add £100 per pair.

We are delighted to be working with ACS to provide our custom
Hearing Protection and In-Ear Monitors.

Their extensive range allows us to offer protection for noise (ie shooting), swimming and sleeping. The PRO series of noise protection can be supplied with or without filters.  The colours can be customised and custom laser etching is also available. 

ACS provide professional In-Ear Monitors, which have been widely acclaimed by the music industry.  We can provide a full range of their Ambient and Classic series. If the model isn’t listed below, please contact us. 

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