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Ear Wax Removal
for Devon and Cornwall

Do you have ear wax problems?

Moor Hearing | Ear Wax Removal Plymouth

Built-up ear wax is not uncommon but can affect your hearing.

Here at Moor Hearing, we provide quick, simple and affordable ear wax diagnosis and treatment.

Did you know that GPs and health practices are no longer able to prioritise wax removal as an essential service?

Moor Hearing are here to help.

Microsuction is a safe, pain free experience that uses gentle suction and specialist equipment to remove the wax.  Usually wax is removed in one visit but sometimes a second appointment may be required if the wax is hardened or stubborn. We may use gentle irrigation to clear the deeper blockages.

We recommend you use oil 3-4 days prior to your appointment to help soften the wax.

We have successfully removed wax from thousands of ears, and our feedback speaks volumes.

Ear Wax Removal | Moor Hearing | Ear Wax Removal Near Me

We offer a full home visit service and
clinic appointments at our practice at:

153 Eggbuckland Road, Plymouth PL3 6QA

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Unfortunately, due to insurance reasons, we are unable to see anybody below the age of 18 for wax removal.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Our Pricing

Moor Hearing | Ear Wax Removal Plymouth

Home Visit

Plymouth based visits
PL1 – PL9

Wax removal for 1 ear

Wax removal for 2 ears

Consultation fee if no wax found

Please enter the first part of your postcode to check if we cover your area and the price charged. Please note the minimum call out fee if no wax present.

Postcode and Prices

Clinic Visit

Consultation fee if no wax found

Wax removal for 1 ear

Wax removal for 2 ears

If we find that you don’t have ear wax blockages and you are still struggling with reduced hearing we will discuss the
suitability of booking a hearing assessment.

Ear wax - what to look out for

Moor Hearing | Ear Wax Removal Plymouth
Gentleman with painful ears

Ear wax build-up can affect your hearing, and your balance, and cause discomfort or pain in your ear. It can also cause issues like vertigo and tinnitus (buzzing, ringing or whistling in your ears), itchy ears and even infections.

You should watch out for ears feeling full, discharge, dizziness and coughing. All of these can be a sign of a hearing or ear problem that should get checked out.

None of these symptoms are very pleasant but thankfully ear wax removal is a fairly simple procedure.

Did you know that 3.9% of the UK population need ear wax management every year?

What people say about their
Moor Hearing care experience

What people say about their Moor Hearing care experience

Moor Hearing | Ear Wax Removal Plymouth
Moor Hearing | Hearing Aids Near Me | Plymouth Hearing Aids
Moor Hearing | Hearing Aids Plymouth

Outstanding service. Both my ears were badly blocked by wax. They are now fully clear and the improvement in my hearing is beyond belief. The processes were clearly explained and expertly administered. 

Cannot recommend more highly.”

John Edgell

Are you ready to make your appointment for
Ear wax Removal?

Frequently Asked Questions

Moor Hearing | Ear Wax Removal Plymouth

Micro suction is now considered to be the safest method of removing ear wax. This is because there is more risk of perforating the eardrum with syringing because you are putting pressurised water into the ear canal. The eardrum is a delicate membrane which can be ruptured. Irrigation or syringing should never be used if you have had a perforated eardrum ever before, even if it were many years ago. There is also a greater risk of getting an infection after syringing because it strips the ear canal of all the wax and natural oils which protect the ear. A small amount of wax is healthy and necessary.

Possibly, yes. There are a few factors to consider though. If you have no underlying hearing loss and an ear that is fully blocked with ear wax, when it is removed you should notice an improvement in your hearing. However, if you only have a partial blockage and sound can still reach the eardrum, or if you have a pre condition hearing loss, having the wax removed may not make any difference at all to your hearing. If you are still having problems hearing after removal, we would recommend having a hearing assessment.

This is a tricky one to answer and no definitive timescale can be given. For some people, they may only need to have wax removed every few years. However, others can make a lot of wax very quickly and need to have it removed regularly, for some of our patients this can be every few weeks or months.

No, it should not hurt at all. It is a gentle suction which we can show you on the back of your hand. It can be a little noisy, but it certainly shouldn’t be uncomfortable.

This can depend on how much wax there is and how hard or soft the wax is. Sometimes if the wax is soft it can take under 10 minutes! We allow plenty of time however to make sure the job is done professionally. Should we need to return for a 2nd visit then there is no charge for this.

The NHS do a fantastic job with the budgets they have, but those budgets are limited. NHS aids tend to be larger, older technology with fewer features.

When you are paying for your hearing aids, you have a choice in what they look (even with a colour choice) and sound like. We only sell the latest technology to give you the best possible hearing. We also offer an improved private healthcare service; the appointments are never rushed and we take as much time as you need to make sure you are getting the best from your new hearing aids. You will be able to see us for advice and problems when you need them rather than waiting for an appointment in the future.

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