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Wax Removal Specialists

Wax Removal Specialists | Earwax Removal | Moor Hearing | Ear Wax Removal Plymouth

Ear wax blockages can be uncomfortable, painful and significantly impact your hearing levels. Unfortunately, many people who experience ear wax problems turn to inferior solutions like cotton buds, which often just make the problem worse. Cotton buds can simply push your ear wax blockage deeper or irritate the sensitive areas of your ears. At Moor Hearing we offer professional ear wax removal services using specialised ear wax removal tools. We have successfully removed ear wax blockages from hundreds of ears using our safe and effective ear wax removal techniques. In this latest blog article the Moor Hearing team will be sharing more information on our professional ear wax removal services and why you should choose it for your ear wax blockage. Let’s get started!


Our Ear Wax Removal Service

Although health practices are no longer prioritising ear wax removal services, if you are experiencing an ear wax blockage you will understand just how important it is to get it removed. The pain and discomfort as well as the temporary hearing loss can make ear wax blockages incredibly invasive in your everyday life. Don’t worry, Moor Hearing is here to help!

We offer a professional ear wax removal service that is pain free! We are fully insured and have over 45 years of combined experience in wax removal. Our ear wax removal service utilises specialist equipment that provides a gentle suction and vacuuming effect, safely removing the ear wax blockage from your ear. This process almost always removes your ear wax blockage in one appointment. However, in some rare cases one appointment may not be enough to remove the ear wax blockage. In this event we will simply book a second appointment to remove the more stubborn ear wax blockage.

Want to learn more about our professional ear wax removal services? Click here to find out more on our website. 


Book Your Ear Wax Removal Appoint Online

Would you like to book in for an ear wax removal appointment with our ear wax removal experts at Moor Hearing? Making an appointment with Moor Hearing is easy! You can book an appointment online via the Moor Hearing website. Simply click here and scroll down to book your ear wax removal appointment online. It really is as easy as that to book an appointment with the professionals at Moor Hearing.


Questions? Contact Moor Hearing

Do you have some questions about our ear wax removal service? No problem, the Moor Hearing team is always happy to help answer any questions you may have. Click here to find out how you can get in contact with the Moor Hearing team today. You can also browse more information on our ear wax removal services here.


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