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3 Signs of Ear Wax Blockage

3 Signs of Ear Wax Blockage | Microsuction Wax Removal Near Me

Are you experiencing ringing in your ears? Do your ears feel ‘full’? Perhaps you are experiencing pain in your ears. These are all signs that you may be experiencing ear wax blockage. At Moor Hearing,  we offer ear wax removal services in Devon, North Devon, Taunton and Cornwall. Our experts have successfully removed ear wax from hundreds of ears and we are here to do the same for you. In this article the Moor Hearing team will be sharing 3 common signs and symptoms that you may be experiencing ear wax blockages in your ears.


Firstly, What Can Cause Ear Wax Blockage?

Ear wax blockage is incredibly common. Often this can be caused by a completely natural process. Some people organically produce more ear wax than they need, which can cause a blockage over time. Another common cause for ear wax blockage is using ear cleaning tools like cotton swabs. Often these can just push the ear wax deeper instead of cleaning your ears. Now let’s move onto some of the signs to look out for that may suggest you are suffering from an ear wax blockage.


  1. Ears Feeling ‘Full’

Do you ears feel full or as if there is something stuck deep inside your ears? This is a common sign and symptom of ear wax blockage. Look out for this symptom and if you are experiencing it don’t hesitate to get in touch with the professionals at Moor Hearing.


  1. Consistent Ear Pain

Are you experiencing consistent ear pain? Although this can be caused by a number of different conditions, it is a common symptom of excessive ear wax blockage. Often this symptom comes with the other symptoms mentioned in this article. Contact Moor Hearing if you think you have an ear wax blockage and book in for our microsuction service!


  1. Ringing, Buzzing or Persistent Tinnitus

Another common sign and symptom for an ear wax blockage is if you are experiencing ringing, buzzing or persistent tinnitus in the affected ear. If you are experiencing symptoms like this then you may be suffering from ear wax blockage.


What To Do If You Have Ear Wax Blockage?

Do these symptoms sound familiar to you? If so, it is likely that you are suffering from ear wax blockage. The good news is the professionals at Moor Hearing are here to help! We offer a pain free microsuction ear wax removal service to gently vacuum your ear wax using specialist equipment. This generally works on the first attempt, however we do offer a follow-up second appointment where necessary for deeper blockages.

Don’t risk the health of your ears! You can trust the professionals at Moor Hearing to get your ear wax blockage removed and return your hearing to normal. Click here to find out more about our specialist ear wax removal service.

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