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How to Test Your Hearing For FREE

How to Test Your Hearing For FREE | Free Hearing Screening | Moor Hearing

Have you recently been experiencing trouble hearing? Maybe you have been hearing ringing in your ears or sounds may be more muffled than usual. All of these are signs that you may have experienced hearing loss. However, you don’t have to wildly speculate alone about that state of your hearing. In fact, you can get your hearing tested for free all from the comforts of your own home. That’s right, we are talking about free online hearing testing! At Moor Hearing, we offer free online hearing testing and free hearing consultations. In this article we will be sharing some more information on how you can test and evaluate your hearing health with Moor Hearing for free.


Free Online Hearing Testing

The best way to evaluate your current hearing levels is with our free 3 minute Hearing Screener. All you need to get started is a device, a pair of good quality headphones and a quiet room. 

The hearing test works by testing you at 3 different frequencies. The results of the hearing test will help you to assess if your hearing levels are within the normal range or if you have mild to severe hearing loss. You will also be asked a series of lifestyle questions to assess if you require a full hearing test or a more detailed hearing evaluation.

Would you like to get started on your free 3 minute online hearing test? Click here to find out more information, or begin your hearing test here.


Hearing Consultation

At Moor Hearing, we also offer free hearing consultations. Our hearing experts begin by listening to you and the areas of hearing that you struggle with. We then evaluate your hearing health by inspecting the health of your outer ear and the eardrum. As long as there are no impediments like wax blockage, we will then test your hearing with an advanced noise cancelling calibrated audiometer incorporating ear inserts and headphones. We are able to use KuduWave hearing testing technology to test you at home with the same accuracy as if you were in a professional sound proof booth.

From this testing we can generate your final Audiogram. Our hearing testing experts will explain the results to you in detail, comparing your hearing test results to the normal ranges so you can understand where any hearing loss is present. 

With these results we can then begin looking at potential solutions for your hearing loss. We offer the best hearing aids available. Rest assured, if your hearing test results suggest you need a hearing aid, the experts at Moor Hearing will be able to recommend the best option for you.


Contact Moor Hearing Today

Do you have some questions about our free online hearing testing or hearing consultations? Get in touch with the friendly and professional hearing experts at Moor Hearing today. You can get in contact with us through our website by clicking here.

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