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Why You Should Remove Ear Wax Blockages

Why You Should Remove Ear Wax Blockages | Ear Wax Removal Near Me | Moor Hearing | Plymouth Ear Wax Removal

The creation of ear wax is a completely natural process. It is actually made by the body to help protect your ears. However, sometimes our bodies can create too much ear wax, leading to excess ear wax or in some cases, ear wax blockages. If you are experiencing an ear wax blockage it is important to have it safely removed by professionals, just like the team at moor Hearing. In this blog we will be taking a look at some of the reasons why you should remove ear wax blockages.


Ear Wax Blockages Can Be Painful

One of the most important reasons why you should remove an ear wax blockage is also its most common symptom. Ear wax blockages often cause pain and discomfort, which is not something you want to experience for ong. Fortunately you can solve it by simply booking in for an ear wax removal appointment with the professionals at Moor Hearing.


Your Hearing Can Be Impacted

More often than not, ear wax blockages negatively impact hearing levels. This makes it more difficult to maintain your social life and be alert to the world around you. The impact on your hearing levels can vary depending on the severity of your ear wax blockage.


Ear Wax Blockages Can Cause Tinnitus

Another common symptom of ear wax blockages is tinnitus, which is ringing in your ears. This can be incredibly distracting and annoying. Fortunately, if your tinnitus is caused by an ear wax blockage you will be able to solve it simply by booking an ear wax removal appointment.


Get Ear Wax Removed With Moor Hearing

Do you have an ear wax blockage that you would like to get removed? The professionals at Moor Hearing are here to help. We offer ear wax removal services for Devon, North Devon and Cornwall. With over 45 years of combined experience, there is no better team to trust to remove your ear wax blockage.

Our ear wax removal services is easy, affordable and pain free. Our HCPC qualified audiologists are trained in wax removal and use a microsuction process that gently vacuums the ear wax from your ear, without causing any damage to your ear. We are almost always able to solve your ear wax blockage problem in just one appointment. However we do offer follow up ear wax removal appointments to solve the more stubborn ear wax blockages.

Would you like to find out more about our eax wax removal service and make an appointment with our experienced ear wax removal specialists? Click here to find out everything you need to know about our ear wax removal service at Moor Hearing.


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